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Gem Cleaners Offering in Reliable Factory Cleaning

our factory cleaning team operate within Greater London and other parts of the South West, UK. With an efficient communications service in addition to our outstanding and talented cleaning team.

Reliable Factory Cleaning

Our factory cleaning service in the UK is suitable for a diverse range of facility types – including different sizes and scales, food production factories, commercial spaces and other warehouses specifically requiring industry-level cleaning services. 


Our factory cleaning options include cleaning machinery, disinfecting high levels of the factory, office and interior cleaning, and de-greasing. Our aim for this service is to ensure that the factories we work on are cleaned and disinfected effectively to secure a safer and better working environment for all workers involved. 

Grease and Oil Cleaning

Oil and grease can often leak out of machinery or other oil-based products within the factory, which can be difficult to clean effectively. Our services can include thoroughly cleaning any excess oil or grease that can excrete from machinery or products.

Disinfection Cleaning

Carefully utilizing our bespoke cleaning supplies to disinfect the warehouse is another addition to our factory cleaning services. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it is now more important to ensure the safety of our staff by thoroughly disinfecting the area.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical spillage can rarely happen, however, the event of a vial of chemical spilling can be a dangerous risk for everyone in the room. Our cleaning staff are equipped to handle situations such as this safely and securely, cleaning all chemicals appropriately.

Extend the Life of Your Machinery

Regular cleaning can easily extend the expected lifetime of many industrial machines. This can save you money on replacement equipment. And, if you do need to change your equipment, your current items will be in a resalable condition.

Protect Your Workers' Health

Industrial cleaning services are not only about protecting your equipment and your business. They are about protecting your workers. By taking the time to complete a full clean on a regular schedule, you will be protecting the health of your employees.

Focus On Safety

We take our responsibility to comply with the highest levels of care very seriously. We carry out extensive site surveys before starting work and can provide you with a full risk assessment for your own records.

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