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Gem Cleaners School Cleaning Services

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we are providing emergency response disinfection and decontamination services. Ensuring the safety of your students and staff is paramount at this time and we are dedicated to providing extensive cleaning you can rely on.

School Cleaning Services For Institutions

Education environments have unique cleaning requirements, with primary schools, nurseries and further education colleges all having specific needs. At Gem Cleaners, we have extensive experience working with schools to deliver a high-quality service that’s cost-effective and carefully tailored to your needs. 

We can provide fully vetted and DBS checked cleaning staff for complete peace of mind. Our bespoke services are flexible and can be arranged during term time, holidays and after hours so we work around your schedule. We are trusted to provide school cleaning throughout London and the South West, with regular contract cleaning responsibilities for secondary schools, colleges and more.

Sports Hall Cleaning

We have access to cleaning equipment to comprehensively clean sports halls and other specialist environments. This includes cleaning products to clean at a height and floor cleaning equipment. 

Kitchen Cleaning

With Gem Cleaners, your school cleaners are capable of cleaning kitchens and dining halls, working to clean industrial machines and disinfect surfaces for a clean school dining experience.

Deep Cleaning

We understand the need for complete cleaning solutions. In addition to regular cleaning, we can provide end-of-term and one-off deep cleaning.  

Floor & Carpet Cleaning

We use commercial cleaning equipment to clean floors and carpets, such as hot water extraction to clean your education institution to a high standard.

Window Cleaning

Our cleaning teams are trained to clean at a height and we have the equipment to professionally clean internal and external windows across your premises.

Disinfection Cleaning

We are able to clean and disinfect kitchens, washrooms, changing rooms and classrooms. We use bio-fogging to create a fine mist of disinfectant which covers all surfaces and decontaminates the air for a complete clean.

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