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Gem Cleaners deliver high-quality and efficient cleaning services for academic and administrative buildings for universities around the UK. This service covers disinfection and excellent options for cleaning the interior and exterior features of each academic building associated with the university.

University Cleaning Services

Delivering a clean and safe environment for your university is important for the benefit of students, staff and other visitors. The number of advantages that an effectively hygienic building, lecture hall or classroom can provide a number of benefits. 

One benefit includes the promotion of a better learning and safe environment for all students, affecting their learning capabilities 

Another is attendance levels. This aspect can vastly improve due to the cleanliness of the environment, the risk of minimised attendance is decreased. 

Lastly, happier staff and peace of mind for both students and teachers!

Professional Deep Cleaning

Using professional equipment, our expert cleaners can deliver a deep and effective cleaning process for all university buildings that require cleaning..

Reliable Services

With the right training, tools and staff, Proactive Cleaners can provide reliable services in any academic building across the UK.

COVID-19 Friendly Cleaning

With the pandemic becoming a worrisome topic, we can assure all of our customers that our cleaning supplies are made to mitigate any potential contamination risks regarding COVID-19. This also applies to other bacteria that can cover floors, walls or hard-to-reach areas in your building. 

Green Cleaning Services for your University

Our sustainable cleaning products also ensure that Proactive Cleaners meet sustainability standards when it comes to the safety of your campus.

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